The wife of Elyas of the Black Arrow


Amelia’s 17 years of running a store selling esoteric and rare herbs and components show on her as much as her elven heritage.

She has the beauty, grace, and complexion of an elf maid. Her eyes are sky blue, changing to grey when she is angry or upset, and her hair is flaxen gold. She is light of foot, dexterous, even graceful. Her features are a pleasing mixture of the definition of a High Elf and the softness of an Illuskan milkmaid.

But she is also plain of dress, direct of speech, and quick to scold, evidence of her long years dealing with the odd, brilliant, and powerful. Amelia is impossible to intimidate and has taught more than one wizard that spells don’t equal manners.

Amelia allows herself one ornament on her otherwise utilitarian dress: a single plant or flower, usually worn on her bodice or in her hair, that betrays her mood. Even the Blackstaff knows to tread carefully when Amelia has monkshood on her chest.

Her voice is musical when she is drinking wine and talking over dinner, but when she’s working, she speaks either very quickly to save time, or very slowly to be understood. There are no shenanigans in her shop.


The life of Amelia and her child were cut short through the machinations of Count Rampyr and his cohort. It is theorized at this time that Mort Leblanc is responsible for the death of Amelia. She will be missed by those closest too her, and avenged by the hands of the same.


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