Count Rampyr

Count Rampyr is a vampire at House Kormallis


Count Rampyr is usually seen in blacks and purples, and is reportedly almost never seen without a full suit of armor. He is severe looking, but surprisingly suave, charming and worldly. Little is known about him other than, while he is no noble, he lives with House Kormallis at Kormallis Villa, and his past and homeland are mysteries.


Often said in the same breath as “Kormallis” and “evils of the city”, no one knows where he came from or why he presented himself as nobility and is treated as such even though his house is unknown, but there are still whispers of him working with House Kormallis.

However, evidence points to him being a member of House Talmost before it became a noble family of Waterdeep.

Count Rampyr

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