Former vampire who still seems tainted


With greasy, ragged hair dagger-cut to keep it out of her face, Lily looks every bit the street-dwelling cutpurse she’s become.

Wearing clothes that do not stand out among those in the Trade, Dock, or South Wards, she blends into every crowd, changing clothes to match the situation. Only her eyes tell a different story. They blaze green, less like grass on a summer’s day than emeralds with flames behind them.


Once a lively, roguish street urchin who seemed to be playing all sides against one another but was, in reality, a Harper agent who got in too deep, she is now a quiet, paranoid thief who rarely comes out at night.

She has contacts throughout the city, but the Harpers haven’t heard from her since her change back to human. Some of them whisper that turning back isn’t possible, but that seems to be open to debate.


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