Wizard apprentice as the Order of Magists


Glorium is still pretty, but the laughing light in her eyes has been replaced by an unquenchable fire. She refuses to share her thoughts or feelings, only showing any sort of change in her moods according to her dress.

While robe color is not a choice she can make at the Tower, she ,has a number of pieces of jewelry that seem to mirror her emotions. A dragon brooch, in particular, means that it is best to leave her alone unless you want a wickedly aimed barb at the heart of your ego and feeling of self-worth.


Glorum’s twin, Morium, was killed in the dungeons of the Tower of Yintos by zealous cultists of Asmodeus. Since then, she has become quieter, angrier and more introspective.

As an apprentice at the Tower of the Order, she has made a transformation from a ritualist mage to a budding apprentice to a capable young wizard. However, her sorrow for her sister have often caused her concentration to waver, giving her magic an unpredictable power at times of emotional stress. Her master is considering giving her over to the sorcerers in the Tower for training as a possible better option for the somewhat unstable mage.


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