Mort LeBlanc

Guildmaster of the Gravediggers and Cellarers' Guilds


Mort is said to be slovenly, smelly, but also strangely concerned with this appearance. Many say he smells like cooking from Sembia. He is known as being a hissing, sniveling, reluctant conversationalist, and he prefers to do his work through his agents, including a man he refers to as his squire, Will Burke, his partner, Sen or Sven, a man known to have oily black hair, or Lief of Luskan, the former head of the once independent Cellarers’ Guild.

Squire: Will Burke

Mysterious helper: Sen or Sven


Mort is well known for founding the Gravediggers’ Guild and taking over the Cellarers’ and Plumbers’s Guild. His past is completely unknown, and while his social graces can only be described and nonexistent, he has managed to accrue a great deal of power and riches for himself in a comparatively short time.

Mort has completed his monstrous apotheosis transforming from ghoul to Ghoul King. He is said to be vulnerable to thunder damage due to his association with the shadow earth element. He is also said to be resistant to conventional weaponry, and from those glimpse of his silhouette has grown to over 15 feet in height.

Mort LeBlanc

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