Sylvia Wands

The powerful head of House Wands


Sylvia Wands is the powerful head of one of the more powerful houses in Waterdeep, House Wands.

She seems like she could be anywhere between her late 30s and early 50s, because she has a youthful appearance but eyes that have seen much. She comports herself with the grace that comes with growing up in a noble house, but also with a wisdom that is solely her own.

She has recently been revealed to the PCs to be a masked lord of Waterdeep.


In her youth, she was an adventurer for a time, making many of the lords of Waterdeep see her as much of a commoner as Lady Thann. However, Lord Wands loved the mixture of her wild nature and, probably, her family’s status and money.

After the death of her husband—who bucked tradition by passing his estate to his wife instead of his first born, Delmar, who was quite young at the time—she solidified her family’s place in Waterdeep, worked for the mutual benefit of House Wands and Thann, and continued to educate her family in both the Art and the business of being a noble in a place such as Waterdeep.

Sylvia Wands

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