Armlet of the Snake God

The torc worn by Nhyris D’Hothek


This armlet, worn by the Snake God, Nhyris D’Hothek, has the Delver and Unbreakable qualities. The Delver quality allows anyone wearing it to always know how far he is underground and where the nearest exit to the surface is, though not the distance or safety of that exit. It also may not be broken but under specific circumstances stipulated in the creation of the arm band.

As long as the wearer is underground, he will regenerate 3 hp per round. Regardless of being underground, he gains advantage to all saving throws to spells or attacks that would result in the movement of the wearer against his will, such as a pull, push, or throw.


The history of the armlet is yet to be discovered.

Armlet of the Snake God

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