Dragon's Tooth

Sword pilfered from the Mandible

weapon (melee)

Dragon’s Tooth is wicked sword with a thin, oily surface that glows a sickly green-yellow when unsheathed. The blade is unadorned, but the guard, grip, and pommel are decorated with a undulating dragon: the slight guard are the pulled-in wings, the grip the body, and the pommel the head, making the blade the presumed tail of the beast.

Longsword +1

Poisoner: On a critical hit, beyond the usual damage, Dragon’s Tooth also releases a poison into the enemy and all enemies adjacent to the enemy. All affected enemies must make a DC 10 Con check or take an additional 3d6 points of poison damage.

Intimidating: Once per day, the wielder may make an intimidation check with advantage.


Dragon Tooth’s origins are unknown.

Dragon's Tooth

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