A sword of nature and destroying undead

weapon (melee)

This sword is made out of some strange alloy, and it is unusually light and strong. It also glows very faintly green-yellow, like sunlight filtered through a summer canopy, and smells of wildflowers.

Longsword +1, +2 vs. undead, lawful evil/chaotic evil alignment: Meadow further has a critical threat range of 19-20 against both undead and those of lawful evil or chaotic evil alignment. Upon a critical hit against undead, Meadow does an additional 1d6 points of radiant damage.

Expanded threat range: If the enemy is Meadow’s sworn enemy—he may only have one at a time and must have done something specifically against the owner and been at odds for at least a week—his threat range is 17-20 and he does an additional 2d6 radiant damage.

Gleaming: It is impossible to dirty Meadow, and any substance, including blood, will immediately fall off.


The history of Meadow is unknown.


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