The ancestral sword of the Moonshadows

weapon (melee)

Made of some strange alloy invented by Warin the Smith and lost to time, this sword is a perfect example of the classical Cormanthor-style of sword making. It seems like it is made of some type of steel, but it is lighter, stronger, and has thin, barely perceptible wavy lines of blue, purple, and black up its blade, swirling like smoke, and changing color depending on the angle of perception. The crosspiece is a typical winged motif that indicates it of being from Myth Drannor during its heyday.

Long sword +1
+2 vs. demons and devils: Moonshadow thirsts for revenge for the death of its first wielder during his defense of Myth Drannor
Song craft: A result of being used by a legendary bladesinger, its second wielder, when used, snippets of ancient bladesinger spells can be heard softly emanating with every swing.


The first owner of Moonshadow was a noble in Myth Drannor, Danviel the Bard. His family, then called House Finufaranell, were prominent writers and singers of epic historical poetry. In the year of the Benevolant Lords, -541, he had a sword made in honor of their patron deity, Sehanine Moonbow, and because he had heard from their house seers that dark times were coming.

Danviel went to the famous elf smith and mage, Warin the Smith, with a haul of precious metals, coin and components to make a sword worthy of his family’s good name. For one year, Warin toiled at the forge to create and then enchant the sword he called Dark Sun.

When Danviel received the sword, he was pleased, though he was only able to use Dark Sun once. Myth Drannor was attacked by a demonic horde, and he wanted to see the battle to compose a new song. But the horde was bigger than they expected, and while the horde was turned back, and he killed many with his new weapon, he was slain by a Balor named Zalmoxis. The sword was passed quickly to his infant son.

The remainder of House Finufaranell pinned their hopes on Danviel’s son, Dervial. Without his father’s guidance in the ways of the bard, Dervial instead learned to become a bladesinger. The music of the family was omnipresent—every member of the House had to play an instrument or two—and so he learned young to sing and play the harp, but he never loved it like he loved Dark Sun.

His mother, Ullinfial, seeing that he was ill-suited to music for lack of passion, instead apprenticed him to the bladesingers, who were nearly a monastic order. This angered the family, who desperately needed an heir, but Ullinfial was adamant that her son would rise to become a great and happy warrior rather than a mediocre and unhappy bard.

Dervial rose through the ranks over many years, rising not out of ambition but out of the accumulation of accolades during wars with beast-men and orcs from the north, as well as some forays by aggressive men from the south.

He proudly attended the Opening, when other races were allowed into Myth Drannor in 261, and continued serve his people until his people began to serve themselves. With the death of Colonal Eltargrim in 661, the leaderless elves broke up into smaller realms and took to infighting. Dervial, last male of his line, was assassinated as a threat to a minor house whose underhanded trade deals with outside human kingdoms aroused the ire of the bladesingers.

Dervial died without issue, leading to the fall of House Finufaranell. He last thing he saw was the back of the assassin rushing out of his chambers with Dark Sun in his hands.


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