Shield of the Hart

A shield of the ancient men of the Shield Coast


This +1 shield is imbued with a wood nymph’s spirit. When danger is near, it whispers warning to its wielder as long as he does no evil, giving a +2 to initiative checks. It gives the wielders advantage to attacks made with it against orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins. It further gives advantage in saving throws against fire attacks, the scourge of elvenkind.

If the wielder can gain the trust of the wood nymph within, addition powers may be granted.


A wooden, steel-banded shield bearing the symbol of the hart, or stag, this shield was made for the newly founded kingdom of men by the elves of the Sword Coast who were leaving for the west, but wished to leave their land’s new protectors with magic items to use against the orcs, the wolves at the doorstep.

The hart was chosen as it was the symbol of both protection and power, a dichotomy not lost on he who first bore the shield: Yrorn the Plaited, a mighty warrior from the islands to the north. As one of the first men to set foot here, he felt a great responsibility to protect the land as a steward rather than a conqueror. He became friends with local Moon Elves and druids, some who had come form the Moonshaes, and adopted the stag of his elf-made shield as his personal sigil.

Shield of the Hart

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