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  • Corn alcohol

    This alcohol is made out of the somewhat rare item, corn, which is indigenous to the lost continent of Maztica. It tends to taste sweeter than most other grain-based alcohols, and therefore is much prized for drinking and mixing, but it is also a useful …

  • Hanging moss

    Hanging moss is common to the areas to the south, such as southern Amn and Tethyr, all the way down to Chult. However, it cannot thrive in desert areas as it requires a lot of air moisture. It grows on trees mostly, and it is seen in some cultures as …

  • Willow smoke

    Willow smoke is smoke from part of a willow tree while being burned. It is associated with many types of air elemental magic and potion brewing.

  • Powdered Contract

    Associated with the earth, powdered contract can come in a number of forms. False contracts are used for very different means than completed contracts, for example.

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