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  • Church of Lathander

    Despite the seeming death of [[Lathander]] and his replacement by the revealed [[Amaunator | Amaunator]], Waterdavians refused to worship the Netherese deity, opting to continue worshiping Lathander in his original form. This has become difficult as the …

  • Lathander

    [lah-THAN-der] God of light and the dawn. Known as the Morninglord. Thought to have died in the Spellplague, he seems to have instead been revealed as one aspect of Amaunator, the Netherese god of the sun, law, and time. While most of the clerics of …

  • Moonglow Tower

    Easily the most beautiful building in the city, Moonglow Tower is, more precisely, the only beautiful building in the city, and a temple to [[Lathander | Lathander]]. Long ago funded by House Daggerford, Moonglow Tower is all white marble and stained …

  • William Lightkind

    After losing friends, the Rod of Lathander, and even, perhaps, his hope, William has joined the Spires of Morning in order to bring down the current leadership under [[:alabaster-morningstar | Alabaster Morningstar]].

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