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  • Baelnorn

    A baelnorn is a lich that is not corrupted by the transformation. Originally created by the elves to protect elf lands and artifacts, this formula has since been taught to or stolen by other races. Unlike liches, the baelnorn keeps his personality, …

  • Demilich

    A demilich is a not successful or very old and decrepit lich. They can be exceedingly powerful, but they also lack a body and often lack much in the way of personality, though that is not always the case. They look like a simple skull, though some may …

  • Lich

    A lich is an extraordinarily powerful form of undead wizard. Unlike most undead, the lich creates himself, giving up his life for an unlife of evil and horror, keeping or even expanding his magical powers. Back to [[Monsters]]

  • Carnivorous ape

    Found in the deepest jungles of Chult, the carnivorous ape is much appreciated for its ferocity and lack of fear, even in the face of greater foes. Little is known about their lives in their homeland, but if captured, usually as young, they can be …

  • Owlbear

    The owlbear is a massive, powerful, highly territorial carnivore with the head of an impossibly large owl and the body of a large grizzly bear. Return to [[Monsters]]

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