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  • Talmost

    Arms: Grey castle turret to sinister, gold torch with orange flame to dexter, on a sky blue field House Talmost are known for their weaving, tailoring, textiles and fur businesses. Talmost is, next to House Wands, the oldest noble family of …

  • Eltorchul

    House Eltorchul is the main rival of [[Wands | House Wands]], running a wizard school much like that of the Wands clan. However, they take all comers, regardless of natural aptitude or work ethic. The only prerequisite is having the coin to walk in the …

  • Raventree

    The Raventree family deals largely in rare foods, shipbuilding, and shipping along the Sword Coast. They have dabbled in shipping further afar, but they've little taste for the combat involved in defending their ships from pirates in far-flung lands. …

  • Phylund

    House Phylund is one of the more secretive houses, known for the procurement and training of wild animals for menageries, mounts, and sport. They are also outspoken allies of [[Kormallis | House Kormallis.]] Back to [[Noble Houses]]

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