Book of Functional Alchemy

Alchemy of the Fulminating Arts

The Basics of Potion Brewing for the Experienced Alchemist

The Intoxicating Arts


The Gods and the Chosen

The Webs of the Spider Queen

Leaves from the Tree of Life

The Battles of Silvanus and Malar

Mask Lives!

The Gospel of Saernclaws


History of the Sword Coast vol 1

History of the Sword Coast vol 2

An Illustrated History of Waterdeep

An Eyewitnesses History of Neverwinter

The Secret History of the Shadow Thieves

The Secret History of the Iron Throne

The Secret History of the Zhentarim

The Secret History of the Harpers

A History of Thay and an Overview of its Society and Politics

Of the Fall of Netheril

The Netherese on the Sword Coast

High Netherese and Their Magic

Crafting and the Arts

On Dwarven Metalsmithing

On Dwarven Mining and Smelting

On Dwarven Armoring

Locks and their Construction

Advanced Knots and Ropework

The Workbook of Gond

Practical Metalworking

Weaponmaking of the Shou


Tome of Halaster the Mad

Cantrips for the Beginning Mage

Mystra’s Weave and the Mathematics of Magic

Green Velvet Tome

Transmutation and the Magic of Transformation

Revelations of the Icedawn

Codicil of White

Daltim’s Tome of Fire

An Apprentice’s Primer

Song Books

Songs of the Untended Mind

An Opera of War

Folk Songs of the Traveling Skald

Death Anthem of the Asmodai


The Sacred Geometry of the Red Knight

Tactics of the Crown Wars vol 1

Tactics of the Crown Wars vol 2

Tactics of the Crown Wars vol 3

Tactics of the Crown Wars vol 4

Tactics of the Crown Wars vol 5

Battling the Orc Hordes

The Use of Trickery in Warfare

Travel Books

Volo’s Guide to the North

Volo’s Guide to Cormyr

Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast

Volo’s Guide to the Dalelands

Volo’s Guide to the Lands of Intrigue

Volo’s Guide to Watedeep

Skullport Fact or Fiction


On Wings of Darkness

Various Tomes


The Great Codex

Hunt the Hunters

Balduran’s Log Book

Treatise Against Blood-Metal


Exploring High Lorass


Waterdeep Gothic arnmaker