Minor Characters

Abby: Abigail “Abby” Worth is the only remaining daughter of the Worth family, a successful trading family from Westgate that was moving to Waterdeep. Not far from the city walls, her entire family and their retainers were murdered for reasons unknown, though she survived by hiding in a wagon. Amelia found her half starved and took her in.

Abdel Babdoolian: Warden of Waterdeep, the general of the City Guard, known as the “Southerner” or the “Calishite”

Avilarine: Beautiful moon elf priestess of Sehanine at the Pantheon Temple

Badger: A dwarven gravedigger long on words and short on style, he is beardless, flamboyant, outspoken, and unaccountably lucky with women. He also has a shock of white hair that accounts for his nickname.

Benith: Owner of Laran’s Cartography in the Adventurer’s Quarter, talkative, thinks she’s psychic, extraordinarily talented, long white hair is up in a huge bun, blue and white peasant dress stained with ink, as are her fingers

Benji: Benjamin, known as Benji the Radiant, is the not too educated by extremely street smart lamplighter along the route in front of the Serpent. He is friendly, good at his job, and though illiterate, he seems to be able to read people and their motivations.

Captain Nester: Stormweather’s captain of the guard, he reputedly once captained a freedbooting ship for the city of Baldur’s Gate.

Chambers Foxhole: Head of security for House Wands, rival of the butler, Jared, surprisingly helpful as long as it helps his employers, who he is extremely loyal to

Dartek Than: The hot-headed patriarch of House Thann and famous creator of Thann bitters, he is also a close ally to House Wands.

Dawnbringer Incarnadine: Once the high priest at the Spires of Morning under the High Radiance, he was nearly the leader of the whole church, though his dislike for the Order of the Aster and their methods led him to flee to a countryside retirement with other priests and monks of Lathander.

Delmar Wands: Eldest son of Sylvia Wands and friend to the late Leo Thann, he is disinterested in the family business but enjoys fine clothes, women, and drink, and is still a constant on the tavern scene.

Demetrio: This Tethyrian wizard is in charge of Sylvia Wands’s Wizard Academy, and is well-dressed, friendly, and evidently quite skilled.

Donner Hammercliff: Owner of Blackanvil in the Trades Ward on the Street of Smiths, open, honest, he frequents the Grey Serpent when he can, strong, brown hair and beard.

Iker Cassilas: The Head Magist of the Tower of the Order. Little is known about him other than he arrived in Waterdeep and rapidly became the head of one of the most powerful orders in the city.

Ingersol: Ignersol is the wiry trainer at the Field of Triumph, known for driving his wards to both greatness, and at times, near death.

James of the Docks: A retainer of Elyas and sometimes called James Docks, he is a 22 year old man devoted to helping the man who scooped him out of poverty and gangs and gave him a purpose.

Jandellor Yarrow: A master at the Tower of the Order, Jandellor has recently become mentor to Glorium. He has separated himself from the rest of his order as he is wary of the new Master of the Order’s intentions.

Jared: Butler of the household for the Wands family, briefly suspected in the death of Leo Thann, and rival of Chambers, head of security

Kern Hostler: The overly busy but seemingly honest purveyor of drink and women at the Grinning Lion

Lady Thann: Eileen, the commoner wife of Dartek Thann, soft-hearted and thoughtful, though not the least bit naive

Leo Thann: The recently murdered son of Dartek and Eileen Thann, addicted to Stream before his death

Llewynfindel: Priestess at the House of Wonder, impossibly beautiful, silvery-white hair down her back, bright blue eyes, the light blue and white vestments of Mystra

Magister Thorn: Magister who witnesses and signs many of Welt’s contracts, also friend to Grant and one of the Greengrass Raiders, later Grant’s Raider

Magister Zhelm: New head magister who took the place of respected Magister Lhorn

Malaxius: Vell the Elder’s favorite emissary

Mintos Stormweather III: Serious patriarch of House Stormweather whose son died after an attempted devil summoning

Mother Malevolence: The ironic name of Val, the kindly barkeeper at the Serpent, Malevolence keeps the place tidy, the fire warm, and the drinks coming. Little is known about her background, though she mentions that she’s lived in the city all her life.

Nivalis the Snowy: Nivalis is a well-known fence respected both for his discretion as well as his longevity. He seems to have been in the business for decades, knows nearly everyone, but doesn’t commit too much to anyone. He’s also extremely careful.

Old Xoblob: Owner of the Old Xoblob Shop; stooped, balding, a fringe of white hair that includes his ears, he shows years of hard work in his visage and carriage

Perryn Raventree: Betrothed to Mintos IV, loved him for his romanticism, wanted to teach him to be more serious and savvy

Phalantar: Legendary owner of Phalantar’s, he is ancient, feeble, and more than a little senile

Solandra: Beautiful, busty, blond Cormyrian woman working at the Grinning Lion

Thrawn: Red Wizard purveyor at the Thayan Blackwood Carvings in the Market, red robe and lots of tattoos on his bald pate

Watchman Mert: The new Watch Commander who took the place of Watchman Smithee, notorious stooge, greedy and unreliable, and probably involved in some of the current nefarious plots, or at least not actively pursuing them

Willard: A 48 year old former clerk to the murdered Magister Lhorn, Willard now minds the shop for Amelia and her father. He is exceedingly slow, but also exceedingly precise and unerring, making him ideal for manning a shop full of often dangerous potions and components.

Winston: Owner of the Full Cup in the South Ward, a jolly, roundish man of about 30 winters, bowl cut of reddish-brown hair, a beard with no mustache, and a ruddy face with twinkling, puckish green eyes. This man seems to know something about everyone in the bar.

Minor Characters

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