Tower of the Order

The Tower of the Order is the home of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors.

It is more like a donjon than a wizard’s tower, stout and strong. The bricks are a bluish-grey granite, and the wood beams are dark brown and black. It rises out of a Castle Ward neighborhood just off the Street of Bells. Many of the buildings around the tower are also owned by the Magists.

Around the tower is a garden full of statues, stone benches, grassy areas, trees, and even a few small ponds full of fish. It is an unusual bit of green nestled between buildings in a landscape of browns, blacks, beige and greys.

Head Magist: Iker Cassilias

Items Available:

Identify Scroll: Members: 20 gp Trusted nonmembers: 50 gp

Tower of the Order

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