Ring of Many Faces

The grand ring of tricksters


This ring allows its user to change his face for one hour per day to a face you have seen at least once. It will not function until the next rising of the sun after use, and it does not give the ability to change other qualities, such as height or voice, but it will change hair color though not length.

It is silver and carved all around with different faces in various states of emotional joy and stress.

Activation words: Bees make wax


This ring was made for the Shadow Thieves before the Spellplague. After they were infiltrated and broken by a masked lord, Lhestyn, the Shadow Thieves needed to find a way back into the city to begin spying and looking for a new way to reestablish themselves.

The ring was made by Alcedor Kolat, though he did not know for whom he was making it.

Ring of Many Faces

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