Church of Lathander

Despite the seeming death of Lathander and his replacement by the revealed Amaunator, Waterdavians refused to worship the Netherese deity, opting to continue worshiping Lathander in his original form. This has become difficult as the main priests of Lathander have left Waterdeep for an unknown “retirement” in the Waterdeep area, called the Thicks in modern slang.

Further, there is a new group worshiping Lathander known as the Rising Sun Cult, though little is known of their activities other than they are being chased from the streets by the Order of the Aster.

His main place of devotion was the Spires of Morning, but that place is entirely staffed by priest of Amaunator and the Order of the Aster.

This of the sun god was never popular in cosmopolitan cities, including Waterdeep, though they have recently been saddled with a well-known devotee of Amaunator, His High Radiance Alabaster Morningstar. This seems to signal a shift even in the open, tolerant city of Waterdeep.

His clergy and faithful make the three fingered sign of a rising sun to one another in greeting, and often wear his badge: a cloth sun for commoners, a brass sun for Dawnbringers, bronze for a Dawngreeter, copper for a Dawnlord, silver for a High Dawnlord, gold for a Dawnmaster, and a unique gold and platinum badge created specifically for a Morninglord such as Incarnadine of Waterdeep.

These are traditional rankings from the time of Lathander, but they fit well with the worship of revealed Amaunator, so the clerical hierarchy continued to use them.

Church of Lathander

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